Board of Directors

Our community is governed by a Board of Directors. This Board is comprised of ten laypersons and two clergy, each serving a two year term. It is equally divided between men and women members, and representative of our community's churches and geographical regions. One layperson is elected as the Community Lay Leader, and presides over meetings and gatherings. A Treasurer, Historian and Secretary are selected to serve as non-voting Board members. The board members assist in coordinating many of the functions needed to operate our community.  Our current Board is comprised of the following positions and functions.  

Spiritual Director -
Asst Spiritual Director -  [email protected]
Community Lay Director  - [email protected]
Asst Community Lay Director - [email protected]
Ultreya Coordination - 
Nominations -
Facilities Coordination -  [email protected]
Technology Coordination - [email protected]
Scholarship Coordination - [email protected]
Sponsor/Mentor Coordination - 
4th Day Speakers - 
Secretary -  [email protected]
Treasurer - 
Historian - [email protected]

Other Volunteers

In addition to the board of Directors, there are a dedicated group of volunteers  who wore tirelessly to make things work.  Here are the list of positions:

Pilgrim Applications -  [email protected]
Audio-Visual Managers - [email protected]
Audio-Visual Software  - [email protected]
Team Applications - [email protected]
Community Agape ~ [email protected]
Community Support ~ xxxxxx
Database Manager ~ xxxxx
Facilities Liaisons ~ [email protected]
Fourth Day Journal - [email protected]
Fourth Day Journal Mailing ~ xxx
Fourth Day Packets ~xxxx 
Kairos Information ~ xxxx
Kairos Outside ~xxxx 
Manuals Chairperson ~ [email protected]
Music Director ~  [email protected]
Outreach Agape ~ xxxx
Prayer Wheel Coordinator ~ xxxx
Rector(a) Selection - [email protected]
Reunion Group Coordinator ~ [email protected] Scholarships Manager ~ [email protected]
Security ~ xxxxx
Website Manager ~ [email protected]
Wooden Crosses and Ropes ~ xxx

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