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Our monthly Ultreyas for 2016:

October 21 Ultreya Hosted by St. Paul UMC - Woodbridge

It just gets better and better - with a worship and fellowship experience at St. Paul UMC! Join us at 6:30 for dinner, followed by worship at 7:30.



and the upcoming Utreyas...

click on facility for website directions

November 18 - Christ Church UMC

December 16 - Bethel UMC



*Be a part of the "30 Reach" Challenge - 30 days

9/16/2016 - 10/16/2016

30 pilgrims on E-178 and E-179 & 30 new apps of men

Also sign Up now for the Prayer Wheel to cover men of E-179. Click on team number at the left column and prayer wheel heading! Know the JOY of praying for these guys and expect great things!


Our 2017 Weekends!!

E-180 ~ 3/09 - 3/12 - Nancy Geeting
E-181 ~ 5/18 - 5/21 - Tom Geenty
E-182 ~ 10/5 - 10/8 - Glenda Lambert
E-183 ~ 11/2 - 11/5 - TJ Cuddy

All weekends will be held at the Meadowkirk Retreat Center in Middleburg, Virginia

and Our Remaining 2016 Weekends!!
E-178 ~ 10/6 - 10/9 - Bev Barthmeier
E-179 ~ 11/3 - 11/6 - Jeff Hetherington


Need to get your Agape to the mountain?

For future weekends we will have a large box out front in the Ultreya church foyer so you can leave palanca or agape for the upcoming weekends - please label and put your stuff in alphabetical order, by last name.


NEW - Emmaus NCA Car Magnets Available

NEW – NCA Emmaus Car Magnets and Decals
The NCAE, 4”x6” car MAGNETS and REMOVA-BLE DECALS are available for $5.00 donation or more for each decal. All proceeds go to the Scholarship Fund.
For more information, please contact:

Raúl Castillo at 703-307-8070 or email:


From the Community Lay Director...

From the Lay Director

I am overcome with JOY at the fellowship and worship in which we share. Praises, big praises. And as we have teams meeting weekly – Prayer, big, down on our knees prayer! We have the women’s E-178 weekend and Men’s E-179 weekend. DAILY these team members are preparing, pondering, scheduling, planning, and leaning on Jesus. Let’s spur them on by intentional support – cards, emails, calls, words, early agape, to say Go, Do, we are behind you!

The leaders of these two upcoming weekends: Bev Barthmeier & Jeff Hetherington. We have pledged our support and prayers for both weekends. Bev blessed us with a recent message of how well things are going and how they feel the prayers of the community – Anything is Possible. Jeff is a sincere man of God, and prayer war-rior, an extraordinary leader. We share in a concern to give more men of our area the opportunity to be blessed with attending a weekend. Believe! PLEASE pray along with us and share any thoughts you have for bringing fruit to this mission. (more)


From the Community Spiritual Director...

From The Community Spiritual Director

When the Disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit, everything changed. They became Ministers and went about doing God’s will. They turned their world upside down and many sinners found new life in Jesus the Christ. It was a time of great rejoicing! God was renewing the earth through the work of the Disciples.

God would do the same today if we would give ourselves totally to Him and His will. He would make us new in Jesus’ Name and fill us with that same Pentecostal Holy Spirit. The Lord would fill us with Joy and send us out to share His gift with all of His children. God would do that if we would give ourselves to Him!

I am praying that God is going to do that very thing here in our Emmaus Community. There are sufferers all around us. There are people who need to be born again and shed the sin that separates them from their Maker. There are many that have lost hope and have stopped dreaming. There are those who live each day alone and afraid. They are in need of a new life! (more)

  From the Community Music Directors...

Music Directors' Message

Psalm 13:6 " I will sing the Lord's praise, for He has been good to me."

Chrysalis musicians Milton Zapata and Nicole Parrish lead the music at the July 15 Ultreya. It was spirit -filled and enjoyed by all. The night was kicked off by a great BBQ hosted by Rob Cannon and our Emmaus Brothers and Sisters at Sleepy Hollow. C-93 Musicians Tyler Mankin and Emmaline Taylor will be leading us in August at Lake Ridge Baptist. All are encouraged to join in song and worship.

The NCAE Praise Team continues to look for new talent and if you are interested in committing to attending prac-tice and serving, please email us at Check your calendars, the NCAE Praise Team is planning a Music Workshop for all future MDs and AMDs of upcoming weekends and all interested in such for the future. This will involve details about music on the weekends, and other responsiblities of those assigned to the music positions. We encourage the Rs of the future weekends to attend so they are aware of what is required of their music team.

Keep a song in your heart and JOY in your spirit. De Colores! Jim, Marty Jerry and Milt! MD@EMMAUSNCA.ORG (more)


From the Chrysalis Lay Director

DeColores Brothers and Sisters,

I hope this 4th Day Journal finds you and your family well as we get ready to end Summer and start a new season of Fall. I just wanted to recount what has been going on for Chrysalis these past months. We had two very successful weekends in July. Our Young Adult weekend had 6 caterpillars and our high school weekend had 10. Both weekends saw young people draw closer to God and friendships made with others. What someone on the outside didn’t see, was all of the community who supported with clean up, set up, coming to candlelight and closing, and praying for the weekend itself. I think on the weekend just as in our lives, we go about doing what we are supposed to do and we can miss all the people who are doing behind the scenes work to serve us. I know each and every one of those young people really appreciated it and felt the love of God.

As we enter into September, the new Board of Directors for National Capital Area Chrysalis will be taking on their positions that they were duly elected for. I would like to thank Whitney LeMay, Devin Duren, Charlie Duren, John Rowe, and Jose Saldana for their dedication and time over the last two years to helping strengthen and grow our community as well as spread the love of Jesus to the youth/young adults who have come into our lives. (more)


Weekend Fees - Take Note!

The Weekend Fees for 2016, as set by our Board of Directors, are:

Pilgrim Application Fee $35

Pilgrim Fee $200

Team Fee $250


Community Palanca

Love, Love, Love, that is what Palanca/Agape is all about. The community is amazing when it comes to sharing their love with the team/pilgrims/bugs on the weekends.

So how can you help?

I know how everyone gets carried away with those close pins, but there is so much more! Decorate placemats – each weekend needs a total of 324 decorated placemats.

They can be bible verses, cute pictures and if you are artistic. We need weekend themes if possible.

Each weekend needs Warm and Fuzzies, Joy Flags, Palanca/Agape Bags, I am loveable buttons, and closepin caterpillars. (more)


With an all new MailList Service, HolyNet is being reactivated. We encourage you to sign up here to receive community news (including links to the FourthDay Journal), and prayer requests. Thank you, Dave Moore, for setting up this comunications venue!

Sign up for HolyNet!

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While we're not in the habit of distributing the large volume of internet-sourced Christian media, every now and then a message arises that is so clear and convincing that we feel compelled to share it.

Many of us have heard this story, but it bears repeating.

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