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Pilgrim Application

Download the latest Pilgrim applications, in Acrobat .PDF format*. Please fill in all of the requested information on the front of the form and forward the completed form to the Emmaus NCA mailbox: Emmaus NCA, PO Box 2243, Merrifield, VA 22116. Please be sure to print out both sides of the application. You do not need to submit the back sheet, but it provides information on the application process (mailing address, application fee, etc.) and a good, brief overview that may help your Pilgrim have a better initial understanding of Emmaus.

(Please Note: The bottom left corner of the back side of the current version of this form identifies that it was "Revised: March 2007." If you have any pre-printed forms that do not have this annotation, they are obsolete and should be thrown away to avoid confusion and errors when processing the applications.)

For additional information or assistance in submitting a pilgrim application, please e-mail questions to the Pilgrim Applications Committee .


Team Application

The latest Team applications, in Acrobat .PDF format*. Fill out both pages (front and back) and forward to the Emmaus NCA mailbox: Emmaus NCA, PO Box 2243, Merrifield, VA 22116. Or, scan and email to the Team Applications Committee.


Current Community ByLaws

Here are our approved ByLaws, as of December 2004. They are available in either Microsoft Word (.Doc) or Acrobat (.PDF) format. (Click on appropriate format to begin download.).


Fourth Day Journal

The monthly newsletter of our community, in .PDF (Acrobat) format*.


Preparing a Fourth Day Talk

Guidelines for preparing your Fourth Day Talk. Please consult for important information on content and time limits.


* about Acrobat...

Most of our distribution files are provided in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format. Click here to download the latest version for your computer. Note: version 3 or above is necessary to view multi-page files, such as the Fourth Day Journal. If you can only view the first page, please install the latest version. If you are Windows user and cannot open (associate a file with an application) a file, consider renaming the file by highlighting the name and adding ".PDF" to the end. Sometimes this suffix gets truncated in transmission.