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Our monthly Ultreyas for 2015:

January Ultreya at Messiah UMC

Come celebrate and worship as we kick off the new year of worship and fellowship. Please join us at Messiah UMC.

Come on the 23rd ("almost always" the third Friday of the month - BUT THE FOURTH THIS MONTH) at 7:30 for worship, a Fourth Day message and communion service. We hope to see you there.It gets better and better and better... (More)

and the upcoming Utreyas...

click on facility for website directions

January 23 - Messiah UMC

February 20 - Old Bridge UMC

March 20 - Dumfries UMC

April 17 - Christ Church UMC




Our 2015 Weekends!!

E-172 ~ Mar. 12-15 - Kathy Woodley
E-173 ~ April 30-May 03 -
Mike McLean
E-174 ~ Oct. 08-11 -
Susan Verghese
E-175 ~ Nov. 05-08 -
Tony Papp

All weekends will be held at the Meadowkirk Retreat Center in Middleburg, Virginia

NEW - Emmaus NCA Car Magnets Available

NEW – NCA Emmaus Car Magnets and Decals
The NCAE, 4”x6” car MAGNETS and REMOVA-BLE DECALS are available for $5.00 donation or more for each decal. All proceeds go to the Scholarship Fund.
For more information, please contact:

Raúl Castillo at 703-307-8070 or email: 4DayJour@emmausnca.org


From the Community Lay Director...

From the Lay Director

Genesis 12:2 I will make of you great nation and will bless you. I will make your name respected, and you will be a blessing.

First of all, I would like to thank Tony for his leadership this past year. I am blessed to follow in his footsteps and I appreciate all the wisdom that he has passed on to me during this transition. I hope that I can serve the Emmaus community as faithfully and prayerfully as has Tny.

Tony wrote in his last article about the blessings that he has experienced in this past year. Carrying forward this theme, I would like to address the subject of passing on those blessings for 2015. In the scripture from Exodus, God blesses Abram so that others will be blessed. God does not bless us in order for us to be happy and content. We are blessed so that we may help others. To just sit back and reap the benefit of God’s love and grace is NOT what he has in mind for us. We all know that Emmaus is a “pass it on” community. Our sponsors do not ask us to attend an Emmaus weekend so that we can come home and feel good about our relationship with Jesus and feel blessed by his love and grace. Our sponsors send us to the mountain so that we can return to the work of the church, in whatever form that may take. (more)


From the Community Spiritual Director...

From The Community Spiritual Director

I am very excited and blessed as I think about writing to all of you at the beginning of this new year. The theme I have chosen for this article is "Thankful and Excited" - both words that describe NCA Emmaus.

You are a very faithful and generous people. Carroll and I are thankful to you for all of the ways you bless our lives and those of the NCA Community. Your expres-sions of love touched our hearts in so many ways again this week. Last night I woke up at 2:00 AM. I was sick and could not walk, suffering from my first case of verti-go. A Falls Church ambulance carried me to the hospital where I spent the rest of the night. Carroll sent the word out on her Ipad over Facebook, and your prayers poured in all night. I am home now, blessed by your love, your prayers and the healing touch of our Lord. Carroll and I are so "Thankful and Excited" to be in this ministry!

Again this year, I am very "Thankful and Excited" for the outstanding Board members of our Community that will guide our ministry. What an honor to work with such dedicated Christians. Each member goes far beyond the expected as they give of their time and talents so that our ministry might serve God’s purpose. The Board of our NCA Emmaus Community is very dedicated to the mis-sion of the Emmaus weekends, and they are a wonderful group of loving Christians who seek to do God's will in the decisions they make. We, as a Community, are so blessed to have such outstanding Christian men and women in leadership (more)

  From the Community Music Directors...

Music Directors' Message

Suggested Resolution for 2015 -- Let your life be a praise song to The Lord proclaiming His glorious presence in the world.

Christmas without carols? No way. A day without music? No thanks!! Singing tells stories, expresses emotions, releases tension. Praises. How about those sweet young faces - future BUGS singing at the December Ultreya?! Thank you precious ones - awesome ones- Ethan, Ab-by, Naomi, Emili. Your gift of songs truly blessed us and glorified God!!

It is good to praise the Lord and make music to your name, O Most High, proclaiming your love in the morning and your faithfulness at night, to the music of the ten-stringed lyre and the melody of the harp. For you make me glad by your deeds, Lord; I sing for joy at what your hands have done. How great are your works, Lord, how profound your thoughts salm - NIV) 2015 Outreach efforts are growing!! Call or email to re-serve a date for your church or group. Happy New Year! (more)


From the Chrysalis Lay Director

“The glory of young men is their strength, gray hair the splendor of the old.” ~ Proverbs 20:29 (NIV)

Proverbs 20 gives us some great ‘life skills’ advice – but verse 29 really hit me recently. I like the translation in The Message – which says “Youth may be admired for vigor, but gray hair gives prestige to old age.”

You see, it’s hard to not notice the vigor of our youth – some are loud, boisterous, independent, energetic, keen to learn…….. need I continue? As more mature Chris-tians our goal should be to harness that vigor and use our ‘prestige’ to guide them in the way of our Lord. Our youth have an amazing ability to learn – it’s what they do for most of their waking week at least, it’s what they should be doing). But, despite many school slogans, knowledge is not power. Wisdom is power. Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit – wisdom is knowing that you shouldn’t put it in a fruit salad!!

So, I am calling on the proverbial ‘gray hairs’ to make time to pass on some of their Godly wisdom to the youth of our community. Find somebody who has walked or teamed on Chrysalis recently and ask them about their experience. This is a great door opener for you to share your wisdom with them. (more)


Weekend Fees - Take Note!

The Weekend Fees for 2015, as set by our Board of Directors, are:

Pilgrim Application Fee $35

Pilgrim Fee $200

Team Fee $250


Community Palanca

I am the Community Palanca Cha. I need volunteers to make placemats for me. We need 270 decorated placemats for each team that goes to the Mountain.

I will have blank placemats at the Ultreyas each month. You can create your own design, either free hand, trace from a coloring book, use markers, glitter and glue to create your designs. You can either do them yourselves or get your Sunday School classes to do them. The pilgrims really like them when they come from the children. There are two kinds needed: the ones that are decorated with cute pictures and words, and ones that specifically say “DeColores”. (more)


With an all new MailList Service, HolyNet is being reactivated. We encourage you to sign up here to receive community news (including links to the FourthDay Journal), and prayer requests. Thank you, Dave Moore, for setting up this comunications venue!

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You Will Want to See This!

While we're not in the habit of distributing the large volume of internet-sourced Christian media, every now and then a message arises that is so clear and convincing that we feel compelled to share it.

Many of us have heard this story, but it bears repeating.

Watch and enjoy!